Inception: Eames/Arthur

Closing Down

Dear all,

this community has come to an end, I'm afraid. I don't see much sense in trying to keep it alive. There's just not enough interest in the challenges and - in spite of much promotion - we don't have enough active members. It's kind of tiring and discouraging if you have to beg for entries and also for voting participation again and again - it has become unsatisfying not only for me, but also for the few active members who have to put up with all the endless idle times.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who participated in this community (especially ashkeyana who is the only one who entered the last challenge and never got the proper voting she deserved - I'm really sorry, but nobody else entered any icons...)

It was fun while it lasted! And in my opinion all icons submitted here were of pretty high quality and just overall gorgeous - so I'm kind of sad we have to say good-bye, because awesome Connelly and Bettany icons are in short supply on livejournal.

All the best to you, guys! And sorry this one didn't work out the way I planned. Maybe next time.
Inception: Eames/Arthur

please enter!

We still have only one single participant for challenge 10! We really need at least one more participant in order to post a proper voting, so please please enter the challenge here!! I don't understand why nobody wants to make icons... Don't you like the pictures? I thought they were beautiful :)

I will be on vacation for two weeks, starting on the upcoming Wednesday. I'd really love to post a voting and also a new challenge before I will leave. So it would be fantastic if anyone entered another icon until Tuesday!
Inception: Eames/Arthur

We need more entries!

Hey sweethearts, I'm afraid I have to start begging for entries again, I'm sorry! We have 3 lovely entries for the challenge, but they are all by just one single participant, so it doesn't make much sense to post the voting. So please, please enter the current challenge!! That would be really nice :) I'm extending the challenge until Saturday, August 29th.
Inception: Eames/Arthur

Challenge #10

Welcome to challenge no.10! I really hope to see a few more entries in this one, that would be fantastic!

You may submit up to six icons and it's totally up to you if you make icons of Jennifer only, or Paul only, or both of them. You may use the same picture twice if you want. You may blend/mix pictures if you want. (But don't blend Jennifer with Paul and vice versa ^^)

Marie Claire Magazine Scans

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Da Vinci Code Promotional Pictures

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Submission deadline is Saturday, August 22nd, 8pm GMT extended to Tuesday, September 22nd, 8pm GMT whenever a second participant submits their icons. Please enter!!

General rules apply. You can read them in the community info if you're unsure.

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Inception: Eames/Arthur

Voting: Challenge 09

Again, we have only two participants - and two icons to chose from. So the participants (thanks so much for entering by the way!) don't have to vote, of course. Everyone else, please be so kind and pick your favourite! Thank you!

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Inception: Eames/Arthur

challenge 09

Welcome to the next challenge! We have Jenn and Paul gracing an official event together this time, I hope you like the pictures. It would be awesome to have some more entries than last time! So please enter the challenge if you feel inspired :)

You may submit up to four icons. You may use the same picture more than once if you want. You may also blend/mix pictures if you want.

CHALLENGE 09: Jennifer & Paul looking sexy at
Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year tribute

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Submission deadline is Sunday, August 2nd, 8pm GMT.

General rules apply. You can read them in the community info if you're unsure.

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